RoNo Consols, Custom made florr consoles, roof consoles and door pockets for both four wheel drive 4x4 vehicles and trucks, Maroochydore, Queensland, Australia.

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Welcome to RoNo Consols -
Roof Consoles, Floor Consoles, Door Pockets.

Rono Consols design and produce a wide range of roof consoles, floor consoles and door pockets for 4X4 vehicles and roof consoles for trucks.

RoNo Consols was established in 1981 by it's current owners Robin and Norma Collins at Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

Rono Consols designs and produces a wide range
of roof and floor consoles as well as door pockets for four wheel drive vehicles (all models) and roof consoles for trucks (upto mid 1990's models).

All roof consoles are styled in fibreglass with an apholstered 'carpet' type finish, this material being very adaptable to exotic shapes such as the truck "Sweep Reach" curved face and "Bulge" and "Step Style" of the four wheel drive consoles.

We now have design moulded double door pockets with drink holder in ABS moulded plastic for 75/ 79 series Landcruiser Utes and 75/ 78 series Troop Cariers.

Because everyboby has a different 'need' and 'set-up' for their console and door pocket requirements we need to discuss with you these details over the phone. We need to to discover your requirements and to make suggestions and quote for fitting of lights, speakers, radio cut quotes and holding brackets to suit the screw points of each radio.

We do not have an email address,
so please call us with the following information:

• Model • Year Model
• Interior Colour Trim
• Radio, EG, CD, CD, R/Cassette-
Make and model numbers to give us the understanding of your requirements.

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Door Pockets
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Floor Consoles
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In Conclusion:

As can be seen our variety of roof consoles is extensive and we offer a choice of custom set-ups
to your needs based on a base price for our roof consoles. Map lights, extension speakers, pockets and radio holes and brackets to hold the CB radios can be added and fitted at an extra charge.

Phone RoNo Consols: (07) 5443 3640
to discuss your requirements so we can quote accordingly.
Freight Australia wide is also quoted based on cubic metre rates.

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